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Dutch Overcome (Off Yer Rocka Recordings 2017)

   Not too mainstream as they sounded but the catchy hooks or rapid forefront melodic grooves and Psychedelic influences taken for granted as this heavy Sheffield town Regulus crew quartet comes to visiting your stereo with the formation of vocalist/guitarist Luke Jennings, guitarist Thomas “oZZy” Osborne, bassist Carl Cutting and drummer Joe Milburn can be compares to Orange Goblin or the rocking louder version of Clutch onto the Metallica-tinged flicks but more thinner than thus Southern vibes capturing the band’s authentic performance on this second recording called Qaudralith means Hard Rock humping the behind of Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal in threesome actions giving us a guitar-based gladness to head-banger and sing-along too through the selection songs like Last Chance to Die Young, Seven Tales Told, Bones, Dominion onto Heart of Stone or Poor Man’s Grave leads you smoothly, to liking how Guns N’ Roses should as well picking this kind of sounds that prolific loud to bangs the exploration migrating to another world for rock-heads !