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Dragging Obelisk (Back On Black/Candlelight 2014)

   Sludge Metal/Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock blends for the threats written and blasting to your ears via the crew band named Sigiriya whose flying like the golden eagle crossing the valley and mountain comprising for Darren Ivey, Paul “Mead” Bidmead and Stuart O’Hara or Dorian Walters did much ablaze rocking circumstance through their second recording release – Darkness Died Today onto the barren land of the dead with skeletons and thin sulphuric acid smokes mixed within melodies and epic riff to solos sounded great to get your head banging follows through the paths themes lyrics about Godspeeder, Tribe of The Old Oak, Freedom Engines and Sleeping with Dogs may closely, reminding us for the sentenced works version of Sleep’s vast directs upon not being too damn slower in heaviness combines with groovy vocals a lot like real purging metallic mesmerizing acts shortly – amusing.

Darkness Dies Today: