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Dowager’s Mother (Re-constriction Records 1994)

   Whistling on Dark Cabaret experimental gestures in a infinite Modern Classical of Industrial Rock and cartoon music Electro Ambient rituals as well as Hip-Hop by influences would entirely, describing the project movement and release from Toronto’s keyboardist Victor Wulf and Daniel Vahnke (Anton Rathausen) on doing the sampler, compotision, musical arrangements and lead vocals performance along within the listed additional musicians helping out from background vocals of Maria Azevedo, Blake Barnes, Jason Bazinet to Betty, Chase and Sarah Folkman among tons of others more. Step in and welcome to the weirdy world of Vampire Rodents which calmly cuter in front cover reflections but on the inside sounding estranged and further more closing to soft moments to insanity products as being recorded through Clockseed.

   Organizing the designs of designated extremely various by results and remarkable density form hundreds built process as complex as connected to many instrumental fragments which led by the colder voice over these twenty-two tracks like Heliopause, Floater, Low Orbit, Skin Walker, Scatter onto Zygote, Saturation and Cocked Loaded and Ready – might mostly, delivers the essential of sci-fi dirty sexual intercourse and human activities on destroying the natural by raping, killing and burning as the universe would later on fighting back and avenge the next century with drought and flood miseries to all mankind. Be prepared, mark the time, marked it well …