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Dove Si Comincia (Discipline 2014)

   Facts that the name Fluon is a real band with members not just one particular person heading the session protégé for projects in FuturaResistenza and hailed from Monza is Andrea Fumagalli or Andy of Bluvertigo and Luca Urbani of Soerba completed by Fabrizio Grigolo and Fabio Mittino standing in on the making of these Italia answer for Duran Duran as Electronic and Rock N’ Roll with Pop culture taken control for the most profitable parts off the group called Fluon (inFLUenza On - get it ?) for this releasing to the debut album Electro-Pop and Goth/New Wave tracks like In Verita Vi Dico, Evoluzione, Il Nuovo Che Avanza and Tutto Torna (vocals by Beatrice Antoini) that shall reminding the audiences for the old tempos and figure sounds from Depeche Mode and most of the rest New Wave early era and Goth-Pop modern scene genre fanatics.

Listen for free to it until you die shortly because they make you ill …