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Doubters Bigger (Melodic Punk Style 2015)

   The awesome good timing that shall make you feel a bit envy while seeing the standard Skater-Punk band like the Melbourne’s Bombs Are Falling did their seminal aggressive and uprising explosions for the eastern suburbs parts of Australia fueled within ideas and spreading messages about things that needs to be changed today - for examples; the releasing on this On Deaf Ears record. 
As being the fans of Pennywise, Bad Religion, No Fun At All and Good Riddance; the members of the group – drummer named Drummer Guy, guitarist/vocals Simon, bass player Thomas, Shannon on guitars/vocals and lead singer Robbie truly exciting to put more progressive thoughts over their lyrics and song-themes as portraying to the modern life’s habits of the new millennium and the past cold war tensions for you to check out the deader version selfie shot as thus bombs dropped and exploding the entire fucking planet parts by parts as surviving means main necessary things to do and not even some regrets or repents or even thus wiser songs like Toughest Lessons, Cannonball, Something to Rely on, Title Fight and We Won’t Go and All That I Know gonna saving you or your family now ! 

On Deaf Ears: