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Don't Pray For Me (Sumerian Records 2013)

   Get the escape mission done by knowing that Asking Alexandria isn’t an American band but this Metalcore and Pop-Hardcore group pounding the cruel beats by their proud of York, North Yorkshire placing on England but yet being known more for the uncle Sam’s public rock consuming with the fourth album that making mess to good critics over the metallic heads media and magazines – the teenage flicks screamo-metal maniac crew that consisted for Ben Bruce (lead guitar, programming, keyboards), Danny Wornsnop (lead vocals, keyboards, programming), Cameron Liddell on rhythm guitar, bassist Sam Bettley and James Cassells (drums) mainly changed their course of sounds from the early Electro-core to Heavy Metal and Metal-Core in the midst of their career as this From Death To Destiny rocks your socks off and your balls might get vibrating over the cracking bass-line or rhythmic pulse testosterone plugs in as the catchy moves, brilliant hooks and energetic blasts made a finest nudity and misery via Killing You, Poison, White Line Fever and The Road for metallic gateway of the nearby natural future realm on your front door while leaving your kidnapped girl inside for a another one's dime or quarter to buy forgotten thrilling romance ...

From Death To Destiny: