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Donny Decks Chees Bread (Prescriptions 2013)

   The fifth releasing over the catalogs from Future Of The Left crew consisting on Julia Ruzicka leading the roles on bass playing, keyboards and lead vocals as the Hardcore jazzy fusion inflicted influences comes to ashore with a good sense of rhythmic session broadcasting fury as guitarist Andrew Falkous to Jack William Egglestone or other ex-members has given these Cardiff – Wales Alternative Metal band a soul for branding the magic sounds to accompanying the survival in manual purpose through the record title of How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident bringing those Post-Punk new millennial crazed breaks and surprising themes which sounding clever like Johnny Borrell Afterlife, The Male Gaze, I Don’t Know What You Ketamine (But I Think I Love You), She Gets Passed Around at Parties onto Things to Say to Friendly Policemen – really and deeply involving with the audience knowledge over the pass events happening in the world today – both lovely and closer to total riots as the band’s selectively quotes through their lyrics and stories telling by thoughts visible there and the unlucky chance to handling mutant penis attack for your oxygen mask, headless kids, unstable seats, bees raiding from the baggage safe or the flight gone wrong turn down open.

How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident: