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Divided For Unite (Independent 2015)

   Over the battles of the past and future presents; the glory and war attributes as well as unity in drinking season-ends harmonies melodic performance via the speeding Symphonic Folk Metal by these Baltimore, Maryland group’s Sekengard leads by the six-piece of talent musicians: Evan Phillips (drums), Adam Scalici (bass), Carter Cassedy (guitars), Jon Robey (vocals/guitar), Daniel Paytas (vocals/mandolin) and Sarah Stepanik (vocals/fiddle) releasing the EP self-titled album within the miraculous and magic sparks of high spirits towards the field of conflicts between mountain of the darks and keep on marching as the choir sang as the background by Nick Cove, John Paul Decker, J Adam Wyatt and Rob Carroll furnishing the gloom onto a firing lights as the band goes cracking in to rocks you on through angelic female vocals, metallic trusts and forging drumming onto Howling of The Fen, Drink to Victory or Striped Paladin may bursting the scares to be braver enough joining your conquest …