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Dirty Water (Self-Released 2013)

   Another followers of the footsteps left in between the two-thousand and beyond by Kris Roe and friends to be pick-up again and add more tasty melodies just like how the band of young rockers used to be loving Dashboard Confessional or Millencollin and then, found out about how The Ataris wrapping all into one distinctive package of catchy rocking Punk-Pop and Power-Pop independent which is now being written and arranged to recording by Real Friends – the Tinley Park, Illinois’ Punk-Pop Skater of America did for the ep entitled Put Yourself Back Together featuring the members: Kyle Fasel, Eric Haines, Dave Knox, Dan Lambton to Brian Blake like story telling about the pick up pieces as you speeding the pace while the past memories cannot be attached anymore sometimes but still, you can manage to collecting them all and display them in one particular good picture for the old time sake just rolling over in the following tracks of freshly good and melodic catchy via Skin Deep, Late Nights in My Car, I’ve Given Up on You to Lost Boy – opening everyone’s eyes that we’re once being stranded and abandoned one time by someone but praising wisely for what blessing you get today not the sad looking behind too much, too long … 

Put Yourself Back Together: