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Dirt Taste Touch (InVogue Records 2017)

The public going to love (or not) of how these twin sisters – Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn’s slightly beauty talents and their performing for guitars/drums and vocals as well as the completed formation from a friend – Brandon Lockwood on bass guitar as these Kitchener – Ontario’s trio recalls themselves as Courage My Love feeling quite free to endorsing the shared musical sounds blended of Pop-Punk and Electro-Dance based mainstream social gestures onto the written songs and materials over Synesthesia as their second albums.

The studio fully loaded with lovely romantic themes and brokenhearted hopes in the mix shall returning your interests to seek back the moment when you first having the same experiences on listening to it somewhere. Be brave and keep on moving on cause as the songs like Animal Heart, Walls, Tough Love, Drowning, Need Someone and The Year I Disappeared or Sight Sound – already by far wiser given the listeners amount to energy gaining and good lyrics vocals not to spiraling yourself with the past too damn much …