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Dexies We Done ? (Roadrunner Records 2016)

   Call it Heavy Metal or Metal-Core or anything seemingly annoying to ordinary pop people as the listeners of the rocking explosive fast double pedal drumming or punkish blasts might having some excitement through the performance being recorded by these newer rock-heads crew following the footsteps of edgier side of Paramore with this - Bad Seed Rising as the Baltimore, MD band consisting of Francheska Pastor on vocals, Mason Gainer the guitar shedder, Aiden Marceron behind the drum sets and Louey Peraza the bass-basher breaking the stage of both skateboarders and metallic audience for the heavier legacy liking favorite out of Velvet Revolver, Lamb of God or Black Stone Cherry and the female front-woman really did sensually teasing you up in her power metal and Hardcore screaming to the rhythmic band’s burst of total firing Alternative Rock mixed metal-tinged to head banging hard via the Awake In Color on release.

Ten crushing but catchy on the same time would give you spirit and energy to not stopping to chase dreams and keep on fighting the final battle through those tracks: Obvious, I Can Feel You, 30, Sleeping in Cars and I Believe (It’s Killing Me) as the girl’s punchy leads vocals did build some opportunity to show the world what she and her boys can do from this particular one to start. 

Awake In Color: