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Devour Missed Call (Etruscan Gold Records 2018)

   Grunge plus Noise-Pop plus Dream-Goth Punk and measuring Alternative basic materials for pleasure unique musical build by the bunch of girls plus a guy due to their political and anxiety or personal experiences themes to wrote down in much serious exploration through sadness, nostalgia and euphoria romance or desperate hurts reissued via Wax Idols’ Happy Ending.

   With the formations of Hether Fortune on vocals/guitar/bass/organ, Peter Lightning on guitar/bass/organ/piano, Marisa Prietto on bass/backing vocals and Rachel Travers on drums; the completion of these Californians painting abstraction or smartly, packing their light riffs and catchy distorting pusher verses may giving you something involving to ears might found here for the following songs like Mausoleum, Crashing, 123, Scream, Ashes and Warning (Had It Good) onto the infamous Too Late and Heaven Knows. Respect to the local painter of the front cover arts Lena Gustafson focusing on a mourn figure and memories for Power-Pop indie touches. 

Happy Ending: