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Devoted Farmer Flag (Go! Disc Ltd 1988)

   Compilations of the good stuff collecting from the many tracks produced by this English Alternative Rock band The Housemartins being active since the mid of eighty-three to the eighty-eight era originally line up for Paul Heaton, Stan Cullimore, Ted Key and Hugh Whitaker as David Hemingway also drumming later and one would love to hear how the quality of Jangle-Pop emotions mixed via the recording Now That’s What I Call Quite Good onto the choices over more songs in Indie-Pop ensemble as you wanted to listen over time to time and every season like I Smell Winter, The mighty Ship, Everyday’s The Same, Five Get Over Excited and The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death and more like the classic He Ain’t Heavy He’s my Brother; put the relaxation of explaining things in experience turn to real gold reality of joy in the presence of the band tracks of secluded lives to rural atmosphere, mountains and the world's greatest amazing admiration upon the soft Pop Alternative tunes and male vocals or female beauty touches in intuitive modern day gifts for your love in musical project by the oldies group to the stereo this hour.