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Devil River (Love Da Records/Nuclear Blast 2014)

   Not based on Orebro, Sweden anymore as the group moving to decide their fate to Ames, Iowa and Blues Pills are the one group whom consisting their Psychedelic Blues Rock fortune shapes via the great performance off Elin Larsson on vocals, Dorian Sorriaux the guitarist, Zach Anderson on bass and Andre Kvarnstrom the drummer being in proposal for releasing the debut melodic blasts via this self-titled album as Blues Pills looks for mystical nudity ritual in heavy music but never forgetting their good intentions for Stoner Rock bluesy prospects which sounding incredible sexy and sensual as you might ever encounter right between the tracks like High Class Woman, Jupiter, Black Smoke and Astralplane to Little Sun.

Louder your volume and let the groovy beats crashing in while drinking much tonight accompanied by the gloomy lights burning those midnight oil ! 

Blues Pills: