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Dent Send Fireworks (Steel Wool Records 2013)

   Definitely, one of the most ambitious recording that has been created by the successful poetic-slammer turning the beats onto rapping and George Watsky finding himself under the new skin figure simply named Watsky speeding up the pace as eccentric and creative and simultaneously, and fully conscious recording his next good package of self-writings and non-hatred ambassador of sounds beating via Cardboard Castles as Pop-Rap and modern schooling Hip-Hop style taking control your ears within the mid-tempo encouraging lyrics and themes provided here through Strong as An Oak, Moral of The Story, Ugly Faces, Tiny Glowing Screens Part1 and 2 as well as Kill The Hipster or The Legend of Hardhead Ned would be letting you in joy going to freaky dancing in the following moments of when the music turning assholes to a wiser dude after finish hearing this works and build up characters of one to the higher levels.

Let yourself learn more cause the time is right ...

Cardboard Castles: