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Defeatist Interrotron (Chormism Records 2018)

   Herephemine might solidify the great mixture about Alternative Metal to Post-Metal to Progressive Extreme of harmonic bursts for Black Metal melodic or Post-Hardcore quartet philosophers off London – UK with Chris Bevan Lee (vocals/keyboards), Andrei Alan (guitars), Mark Helmy (bass guitars) and Ross Jenkinson (drums) arranging their massive sophomore screamo-like recording and slower addictive head-banging tunes choice here reflects by colors of Heavy Metal through Prismatic Dissonance, New Mutiny, Fifty Metres Deep, Foreboding Epiphany and Funereal Waltz onto Spectral Dissonance as truly Post-Rock season driven the rest of the high-tide angst, leaving only despair and cleverness to be mixed for the fair entertainment completed by the young replacing the elders Departure Board sounded should. 

The Ever Living is your new ultimate Incandescent Array for the likes on extremity metallic tuning and the devastated of the home planet background beginning.