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Debt Collector (Independent 2018)

   Technical Death Metal in a desirable fringe of both growlers and screaming for disgust, obscenity, perversions and violence for the Calgary, Alberta’s metal-heads madness Canadian crew calling themselves as Widow’s Peak whose driven the essential brutality off lyrics themes and devastating sounds performed by Matt Yeomans the vocalist, double bashing guitarists Scott Cressman and Chris McDrimmon for leading to rhythmic as well as completed by drummer Patricio Paulsen and Mike Jones on bass guitar; entering the modern days cliffhangers by jumping like suicide through the extended play album on Graceless as thus six tracks telling us about the daily issues that you would recalls as not so scariest moments in life turns the tempos and giving the audiences terrible crushing stories based on Overseer and CBT to Mother Misery and the killings continues after the woman meet her doom down there leaving you as an orphan … 

Graceless EP: