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Dead For Left (Red Light Records)

   Punk-Hardcore systematic fusion and courageous farts belong to these communion of young souls worshiping the fast and edgy techniques slamming seminal sounds onto their musical project group called TARLD or The Amsterdam Red Light Distric coming to your faces like the jumping attacks from the wolf as rocking tunes written and performs here as entertaining as you can get your nose bleed red from the quartet of Maxxx (guitars), Elio Sxone (vocals), Julien (drums) and Gregory (bass) coming from the West Coast of Europe continent as the band’s powerful rock sounds energetic and disturbing as you might needed to covering yourself behind a shield as this proving EP recording suggesting your sound system to play it loud. I’m Not Insane is the ultimate opening towards the miraculous experience you ever gets to meet over the taste of emotional pulse via the smart tracks written just like What Would You Say If The World Was Listening ?, This is What You Deserve and you being addicted  too have them today and wanted further more on since one got this awkward dinner for three as your blonde girlfriend (and) your band-mates watch you romantically, loving another goth-pale female person, witnessing by the plates and glasses and grandparent’s old photographs - then, the blonde choose to go picnic alone in mixed up feelings … 

I'm Not Insane EP: