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Dead Boy (Self-Released 2011)

   The influences are often coming mostly, from the legendary names like Johnny Thunders, Dogs D’Amour to Cheap Trick and KISS to Guns N’ Roses or The Rolling Stones and maximum rockers with their rock n roll hymns performed by vocalist Marcus Ireland, guitarists Blackie Stalion and Ben Yardley onto bassist Randy Romance and drummer Jay Solyom bringing thus backing vocals choirs for the great shout-outs and sing along anthem tracks above the significant new approach from these Vancouver, BC crew calling themselves as The Lifetakers and for the results – the self-titled album did not faking the ability to rock you out from the rooftop with air guitar actions and nude live girlfriends around the room for nobody to claiming but for the ruling laws on Rock n’ Roll’s haunted rag-doll purposes only is here like being surrounded by nude angels from rock heaven show. 

   Listening to those all mini recording release and let your body slamming to the crowds surfing motion in joy as Flower Piss, Bonus, Mommy Don’t Know, Oh Nikki or Gift Shop leaving the boredom days behind as one hugging free to the best day ever made by this great rock album in one night stand to remember just like your dad’s last radio weekend party rock due to the midst of ninety-nineteen nine !

The Lifetakers: