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Dat Body Machine (Subterra Records 2014)

   Electronic EDM, Drumstep, Trap Chill Music, Dubstep to Glitch Hop to Drum n’ bass and progressive twerk-uplifting tracks from some of the best artists in the planet compiled for this album various Bass For Autism Vol. 2 recognizing all through Savant, Xilent, DotEXE as well as Bone N Skin to Curios Kontrol and Sub.Sound as infected to the listeners ears whom got their time to open loud and play the performing acts via the fifty tracks around A Part of You (Original Mix), Wiggle It by Slynk, DatPhoria with My Race all the way through Nitro Fun on Friendzone (feat. Telephatics) or Naked Fish performs Timeless to Codeko Desso and Stratus X Jesse Slayter in partnership not against amazing dedication for supporting the research through the power of Electro-Techno musical powers. 

Bass For Autism is an organization you can put your donation to finding the cure for the genetic-nerve special differences among our love ones. 

A non-profit things used for profitable of the public or individuals …