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Darkening The Dead (Midnight Records 2003)

   Old scary Death Metal sickness products out of the essential purifying of the blended writing onto darkness, doom, gore and death – all collectively caught in one as the blasting music sounded not like a failure to your ears but a fearful feelings as the Clifton – New Jersey unit of brutal raw extreme metallic music dwelling the wilder, darker and meaner dimension where creatures and frightening figure breeding and grow up bigger monstrous inside the Dormant Hallucination as Funebrarum took only eleven minutes more to almost thirty seconds for the both side A and B extended play full metallic performance within the appearance of the band’s trio: Dave Wagner (bass), Nick Orlando (guitars) and Daryl Kahan (vocals) with guest musician Justin DeTore on drums releasing the first songs over almost five minutes duration ends or the secondary six minutes and twenty-eight seconds for Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers shall aiming to either dragging you onto the hell’s gate opens offering or slicing the metal mutation experiments on cutting your head up and delivers to the dimension to feasts upon the lost of human’s signals for help.  

Dormant Hallucination: