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Danger Of Love (Independent 2017)

   Jerky newly-wed between crystal meth, prison cells, Rock N’ Roll and Stoner Metal after the affairs and kisses and separation and the reunion that backed by the addiction for Sludgy Swampy Blues Rock and drinking carousel, mistreaty in a meanest way or jealous husband finding their wives doing the oral sex for a truck driver or becoming sex-slaves for amateur home-made porn videos as well as having good pet dogs or bad men on sights doing something nasty or worse would be the essential themes written about for the duo rockers of Trash Titan from Los Angeles – California lock-down themselves in a remote cabin and goddammit humping on wild girl on the forest for six-weeks to those sexy acoustic guitar finger-play with Collyn McCoy on vocals, baguitar, lap steel, dobro and upright bass to Jeff Broady on drums and pancakes might shook you almost all night long through the silly album of  Welcome To The Banana Party but the four tracks on it really sounded blazing and need your two-thumbs up as comprising for the groovy F**k Detroit, New Hampshire and Automobile Blues from Lightnin’ Hopkins catalogs making sure that questioning your cheating wife isn’t an option anymore but a bullet to their heads or banana fruits sticking their stinking holes.

Welcome To The Banana Party: