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Cure For Deadbeat (War Anthem Records 2010)

   Death-Grind, Death Metal or whatever you may calling this sickest art of extreme deranged sadistic anthems within the obscene images of gore and mutilation victims being hanged to the wall as the display trophy and a dedication to the underground scene anywhere else outside Panningen – Netherlands and the perfect albums chosen here must be plenty but one of them should be this latest recording from Ben Janssen, Dorus Van Ooij, Loek Peeters and Remco Verhees – disrespected; explosively excludes the minds of ordinary religious people to avoiding this materials as Inhume comes to slaying your family and friends and make them all their collections inside the main hall of horror museum on Moulding The Deformed - upon carnage.

   Double pedals of brutality and life’s clatter riffs are completed to kill and tortures but the titles themselves looks something terrifying for the products to getting out and sell for public this time of the year or later, forever cause the effects must be fucking dangerous to those who cannot play as the executioner but prey. Compulsory Infected, Wretched Worm, Virus and Pandemic onto Zombie Grinder and Premeditated or Violent Overkill – once and for all becoming your insanity tracks for decapitating and chopping mayhem onto someone your hate or love. 

Gore to the Core !

Moulding The Deformed: