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Cumbia Dub (Independent 2017)

Call these youngsters a bunch of garbage sons of bitches or exactly, like the daughters of L7 cohorts getting pregnant for Al Jorgensen’s seeds really in fact describing as Dead Dog band for you to stop looking the other way. Staging for their weirdy, sexy, hedonist and full Industrial-Pop meets Electro-Punk cruiser via how their instagram pages showing what you would call as the filthy, dirty independent girls and their friends making stupid music insensitive but clever in sounds not quite provides the ordinary Montreal, Quebec’s rock bands at all.

Resentida blows the fuse for five minutes and fifty-nine seconds of boredom sexuality attracting the mass for avec degeneration following the group’s ep recording not because they’re beautiful looking specific like the college Goth-Pop party drunker or the dog licking its snout for a good time as Verdugo follows you through the car stereo like a haunting written songs which loves to have the revenge of a once dying but now cured woman stalking you for things you’ve done to her several years ago that you might forgetting it. 

Resentida EP: