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Culling Strength (Bandcamp 2015)

   These tattooed foursome of the low-profiling figures from South Carolina whom rather hiding their identities behind the forest animal head-trophies and skewed the rhythmic stitching of raw, exploration and loyal short-blades of bleeding Hardcore powerviolence onto Progressive Black Metal instrumental onto the Punkish acrobatic Math-Rock blunt force generation renew there as Josh Bumgarmaer on guitars, Alex Strickland on vocals, Paul Huff on percussion and Kevin Scruggs on bass mixing the bullet-strikes or scratched bangs off jagged six-strings and riding tremolo Grindcore onto the blends of armory weapons as songs right on the spot to crushing your friends and pathetic grumpy world to pieces must be related to the death experiences, metallic sounds explorers and occult-beliefs on En Theory.
Which Abacus meant to attacking the audiences within the increasing blitz maleficent liturgy of boost eruptions of hatred anger through Snake Eater, Gold Standards, Bodies of Water, A Figment and Nothing is Sacred – spitting the angst of a generation underground towards the cooperative realm of men rulers giving no shit to the poverty issues and cursed burden while switching places as insects and assholes. 

En Theory: