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Cubert Darts (American/Columbia 1998)

   Nominated for more influential deeds created by the quartet as one of the most smart moves and breakthrough for Heavy Metal group to get grammy awards and achieving the final commercial success after their releases which all under the sacred unique traditional mixing overture on Heavy Metal, Thrash and Hardcore with the heritage roots of the band members’ Armenian background and middle eastern projecting-tinged as the well known abbreviated of themselves as SOAD or System Of A Down as these quartet of American metallic Cross-Over crew consisting of drummer John Dolmayan the Lebanese with three Armenian hard-rocking metal-heads boys: Serj Tankian on vocals, Daron malakian on vocals/guitars and Shavo Odadjian on bass guitar/backing vocals comes up to the surface of borderline level off the mainstream and the extreme underground scene with highly average ability and techniques here it is their first debut album on the self-titled System Of A Down with the writing down lyrics and music by Serj/Daron/Shavo mostly around the era of the ninety-eight times where Nu-Metal or Hip-Metal is the right choices to the cooler performance of youngster audiences around the world and beyond as anger or protests that being arranged to be tracks to the lists might not really interested the home security agency yet upon the surveillance about SOAD. 

Still, the clever and brutal mixed like Slayer meets Minor Threat meets Faith No More meets metallic Funk project being explosively, released through P.L.U.C.K, Peephole, Sugar, Know, Suggestions, Spiders, DDevil, War?, Mind and Suite-Pee are some of your first encounters to taste their filthy smart ideas of avenging sessions to the NWO ruling class leaders plan and to cut down the demonic tail’s secret via educating the global democracy to open the eyes before being destroyed.