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Cu Fossa Stop Be (Pure Noise Records 2016)

   Double pedals or fast drumming and variety of how the combinations in between the tempos may causing you for an addictions loving over the emotional Punk-Pop signs made by these Blackpool, England crew calling themselves as Boston Manor – when they’re not anywhere near it actually. Take a leap of faith and just jump down the imaginable place down below where you might finding some peace of mind or fully extended new life with the risks on taking chances like a gorgeous athlete reaching for the goals which is not medals but self-conscious and Emo-Punk might not be that popular anymore still attracting some kids to liking the sounds produced on it like Be Nothing album debut rocking crashed in stereo system.

   Catchy and anthemic with the feelings taken and drag or grabs by strong opponents but kept one to come back and trying again to win must be the positive sharing over these tracks on your as impacts. This Song is Dedicated to nobody, Kill Your Conscience, Lead Feet, Laika or Broken Glass are the examples you need to continue the failed journey for perfections.

Be Nothing: