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Crosshairs Pretense (Rise Records 2015)

   Catchy choir of vocals and loud mid-tempo music that emerges to lifting your spirit up not smashing it down would infinitely, coming like reality with the essential like or love for music that honestly played here and these South suburb of Chicago crew consisting for John Siorek (drums), Joe Taylor (vocals), Ryan Rumshacks (bass), Kevin Maida and Nick Casasanto on guitars and the reinventing good debut tales off the ugly frog’s moral of the story blended with Pop-Punk Emo for Copacetic sharing you the issues about not just silly romance or brokenhearted but foremost – the thoughts around aging, gambling or time wasting for something unimportant as the harmony melodies ruling the air within a minty fresh and sing-along remembrance like you whom loving The Ataris so much may finding great tracks choices here over Disdain, Poison Pen Letter, Swing, Ponder and Evergreen or Stationary.

Eclectic and desirable not to be ignored is this for you to grab before you regret the results for not thinking wise.