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Crawlspace Weak (Bandcamp 2009)

   Pop-Rock sensation without too much attentions portraying the bored beautiful angel in Amityville, New York wanted a good opportunity to watch a very good shows of rock brought by an independent bands whom loves to touring, writing songs, recording album and repeating all those crazy things again like the influential Foo Fighters, Incubus, Social Distortion and The Used under the licks by Al Pitrelli or Saosin and for that – Craving Strange fits much in order to sending you quality rocks and various tempos to pulls up the entire boredom situation in the afternoon to becoming groovy Hard Rock as tough as a rock and also glamorous performance just like how Chris Monte (bass), Jimi Tassone (drums), Frank “Junior” Guertin (lead guitars) and vocalist/guitar player Jimmy G; cranking the Rock N’ Roll tidal for your earholes to bleed as you jumps higher inside the crowds. Saviour Self will knocking the park out and re-arranged your love for hard popular music – Awake and Alone, Tonight We Die For, Keepers are Killers or A Place That Doesn’t Rain onto Out The Window feels secluded and sexy like the fallen angelic beings wearing the striped pinky long socks and short dress as holy as the street slut you would take home with afterhour tonight.

Savior Self: