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Claim/Act (Ass-Card/Jump Start 2012)

The fourth recording releases for not judging someone else tattoos by the look of the kind of racial prejudice coming to wiser up the views for these white rock-heads really means inviting some to publicly, slamming out to mosh-pit and do what you have to do next following this Melodic Hardcore Punk emotional from Weiner Neustadt – Austria calling themselves – Astpai. 

Featuring Bernhard Hlavka, Marco Barbarits, Toni Magpie and Zock quartet blasting the works from Efforts and Means pretty much fucking suitable for your extreme skateboarding afternno times to make some remembered bruises for that Fat Mike’s alternation verses bursts in gross misconducts by the titles of songs like Give Us Today Daily Bread Cars and Flatscreens, Stalactites of Hearts, Honest or Sentimental and Blindly Trusting Habits or Biting Dogs Don’t Chew – pressing your delighted aftershave moments to be totally rioted in complete smile while wiping the blood from your knees or forehead caused by the concrete. 

Efforts And Means: