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City Walls (Art For Blind 2016)

Keepin’ in The Clear is the fortune cookies crumbs to Find Yourself as perhaps, being not sounded notoriety  a lot cause the Garage fun Punkish popular sounds off Bakewell/Manchester are meant to be for everyone as Power-Pop shouts and Pop-Garage poisonous for the performance staging like really snooty plus unlawful but never dangerous acts might all being discovered through these thirteen songs from The Hipshakes fourth catalogs album – Snake.

With the blister energy of young spirits and urban culture package here – guitarist/vocalist Andrew Anderson, bass and backing vocals Ben Russell, drummer Bruce Sargent and guitar/vocals by Daniel Russell filling the refill on temporary newer materials for the small intimate fans of the band to celebrates anywhere they wanted to. 

The rocking distortion and standard tempos within the naughty lyrics over life sucking formidable, unfortunate events all the way to bad relationship or just boredom – erupts through the silly tricky rocks tuning like I Think I Thought I Felt, Attention Spans, Page After Page, Unforgiven Eyes or Tick Tock leaving one question after hour of hard sweaty partying in Punk-Pop. 

Is It Real ?