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Chrysler Heat (Omnempathy 2014)

By the casts of additional musicians helping out the project from Michael Begg and Deryk Thomas like voice from Sophie Bancroft, Nicole M. Boitos, Chris Connoly as well as violinist Duncan MacKenzie, cello player Alistair MacKenzie to thus spike fiddle/guitars/electric piano by Steven R. Smith consoling this ambient experimental Classic and Contemporary Dark Electronic soundscapes of UK soft-tuned underground.

World Fair painted the resemblance on death society develops there in a water drawing eerie tales made by Human Greed; composed and programmed by the project group as thus haunting frigid chants onto the fully half-instrumental performance led the listeners to enter the realm of being exploited by centuries and advance of modernism but the assembly over the harmonies and more secluded noises which rather to sharing not scaring may be found easily via From Olden Disks, Waiting in a Car, Entropy Suite, Finally The Night Has Come, Black is The Colour and The Landscape – vast and delivers in such a tremendous almost silence tuning to catch must be carefully, analyzed pretty well before one optimizing their own minds to expands for audio-filing this Modern Classic. 

World Fair: