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Chip My Paint (Dirt Cult Records 2018)

   Wearing tight outfits like the new millennium Mods meet the New Wave clothing-lines which Noah Green, Sam Tiger, Jake Gideon and Sean Johnson likes to get them influenced just listed to Superchunk, Teenage Fanclub and Jawbreaker or INXS as well as Pavement; build this Los Angeles quartet a curing sounds that puts Indie Rock and Power-Pop back to the starting line ready for the pistol to blast and runs like hell to win.

   The Pretty Flowers are written down and arranging this album on Why Trains Crash – not rhetorically questioned to aiming any bad lucks but pot-daisies or dandelions and muscle of an athletic runner did related to make sense when you open minds for a brand new efforts painting the sky brighter like listenable songs contains there on the record by good standard tunes and daily lyrics tales for urban people and the rural inhabitants are too through the catchy soothing melodies over Cream of Canvas, Electrical, Some Girls, Temple of Gunpowder as well as Sitting Duck CA or New Century all the way to See How You’re Living before the music ends. Great harmony vocals and Jangle-Pop arranging does interesting those whom never experience awesome simple music before. 

Why Trains Crash: