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Chin Up Blue Boy (SideOneDummy 2009)

   Consisting with the formations of David McWane (vocals, guitars), Sean P. Rogan (guitar, organ, piano, vocals), Steve Foote (bass guitar), Derek Davis (drum kit, percussion, vocals), Ryan O’Connor (saxophone, melodic, vocals), Dan Stoppelman (trumpet), Paul E. Cuttler (trombone) with DJ BC on scratching/samples and the background vocals cutey girls: Hayley Jane, Sirae Richardson, Nicole Olivia and Simone Olivia marking the fifth studio album releasing from the Boston’s Ska-Punk group known to the attractions around the Warped Tour around America as Big D and The Kids Table on to the good resonance basic beaches and holiday weekend like your version of a fun-fair turmoil in good motion publications about The Mighty Mighty Bosstones as the performance within the refers mix variety around double dutchie of releasing Fluent In Stroll with Ska, Reggae and Soul producing the beloved Punk Rock and grooves as your never ending non-boring knowledge books lies by the danceable beats via Describing The Sky, A Kiss A Week, Been Wishing On, Down Around Here, Where Did All The Woman Go? as well as My Thoughts Take Me Away and We Can Live Anywhere! doing the colorful sexy things in occupying your stereo favorites. 

Fluent In Stroll: