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Chilly Sicken Undertow (Self-Released 2014)

   If you were once late for this party you wanted to attending in your entire lives but hesitate oneself kept telling that you must going on to reach the place – that situation might get worst and exciting as possible when you encountering the bringer of freedom to create bashing metallic soundtrack over it just like how the founding moment for one got Electronic mixed on Neo-Classical Hardcore Jazz to Metal-core and Progressive Metal hailing from Seattle, Washington through the displaying session off rhythm guitarist Aaron Smith, lead guitarist Michael Corrado, bass guitar Ryn Majoris, vocalist/programmer Kyle Bishop and drummer Victor Olavarria united as they’re calling themselves – Numbers (the band) and approving your awakening felling for awesomeness via the recording album – Three. Courage and supports both never will shortened of instructed to going lower as the metallic fusion made the world seems to look different from the daily boring countable hours where most people ditching happiness and children for chasing money and shitty pride. 

Count from one and two and press play for Legal Lee Speaking, Empty Eyes, Fight or Flight, Swanky Sauce, Truth bender, Frames and Ghost in The Room comes indestructible.