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Cease Ascension (Gizeh/Wolves And Vibrancy 2018)

   You would definitely, getting scared for listening to this shit ! the processing of how Post-metal meeting the Doom-Drone Rock with Sludge consistency exploding through thus slower groove tunes of the deader measure by these Leeds, UK crew consisting for Aaron bateman, Dan Rochester-Argyle, Owen Pegg, Paul Broughton to Paul McClure, Phillip Donnelly and Steve Conway as well as Tom Wright describing themselves as the extremity group called Hundred Year Old Man as the exact debut recording album there under the title of Breaching must be one of the lesser-known attributes of underground one needs to have a chance on hearing the facts recording as spawn there inside within the painful sorrow, depression rejection and non-formal time tortures as noises flowing out like magma and Sludge Post-Rock recovers the symbolic secrets showing at the front to be meaningful by the tracks per tracks amok running shapes.

Screaming vocals bombardment, thumping low-directing distortions and forever anger package shall never recovered anymore as Black Fire, The Forest, Disconnect and Clearing The Salients crushing the open ways to Long Wall infections by the process of decomposing inside our body as the time ticking.