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Casualty (Independent 2013)

   Imagine that the old californian hotel which used to be legendary and ifamous for satanic occult meeting turned out to be demolished and re-build in back by the Medellin cartel bosses as baptizing it to Hotel Escobar and putting the new attractions there with baldy creature disguising as the local duke and thus Heavy Rock bluesy four-piece crew rocking aloud as they’re took their flight leaving Brisbane to the call on Rock n’ Roll there. Meet Cob Stewart on vocals/riffs, Matt Paine on guitars, Jake Beazley on drums to Mikey Giraldo on bass doing their spectrum of Classic Rock plus Hard Rock blending onto this EP record as the Australian self-titled album within five cracking songs written. 
   Good arrangements and pretty cool fucking blues touch grooves rising out off the Blind Eyes and Kings Road to One Night Only as the enclosing riff-age leaves you all within Let It Burn because this place would be as legendary as the bates place or even Johnny’s hotel compound if these Queensland’s band-mates trying harder to manage the good sounds completely more.

Hotel Escobar: