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Carnivore Crowns (Bandcamp 2012)

   The liking hopes on names of weirder like Jesca Hoop, The Acorn, The Veils onto Shearwater or Comus and even Radiohead themselves may standard on going to perfectly, influencing the entire group-crew members of the Psychedelic Folk/wicker man rockers to the fantasy Post-Pop Prague rocks within Erik Shaw on guitar/vocals, Al Erbach on bass/vocals, Max Becker playing drums/percussion onto Ben Johnston (percussion, drums) to Sonia Even on vocals/keyboards and percussion as being led by Travis Even on guitars/vocals as being Lovely Dark – the Minneapolis MN band of six-piece playing a loud, pretty songs with lyrics written about physics and witches been crafting the end of thus pectrum opposing for explorations newer soundscapes together as booming foundations ultimately resulting harmonies vocals and guitar soars over the older favorite liking for similarities via PJ Harvey, Wolf People, Royal Thunder onto Pat Benatar and Lorena McKennit as the female figure disguising herself faced under the foxy mask celebrates the silent of Autumn within Territories – the recording sessions and the peak of summer solstice as the tracks tuning in by spreads melodies over Phoenix, Three-Legged Crow, The Great Furnace, Fields of Fire, Cold Wind to Sea and Bells collectively, crowning you with something familiar from the rural and hilly sounds.