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Calabasas Revolution (Spyouthern Media 2015)

   Calling him now as Brother Dege – the man whom used to be a journalist, American musician, writer and a current resident of Lafayette, Louisiana born as David John Legg then, begin to sell his own self-made arranging musical products which blending thus popular sounds around the rootsy over Folk-Country Pop, Southern Rock and Delta Blues upon the third album entitled Scorched Earth Policy as his side-kick band The Brethren pulls the strings by commencing the performance for your shiny, muddy, sexy hootie babes' anthems in four seasons especially, for them whose loved to go to getting drunk in the nearest bars not riding cool bikes and keeping the beards like hillbilly characters shown and the crazy cowboys too – to sing along and dancing far away from the definition of sober but never lose the romance flicks for good looking ladies around within Pay No Mind, Somewhere, Day I Was Born, Yellabone, Tower of Babel, Souls of The Darkness and Way of The Lamb – where in this pit-stop; gentlemen and sons of bitches gathering to have fun !

Scorched Earth Policy: