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Burden Siamese (Melodic Punk Style 2017)

   Girl on stripes bikini  may leaving you lose concentration where you’re going and then hit a pole or street signs as these Birkenstock-clothes wearing boys of the Melodic Punk Skaters – Suntrace from Kannus – Finland being a trio unit as bassist Eemil Toikkanen, vocals and guitars by Jussi Kontilla II and drummer/vocals Anssi Landin II whom sometimes can dressing out as the real street kids too writing their own materials here for Skate Fast Eat Ass meaning that thus belligerent boys still also humans after all and when a skater loves a beach girl – more drama shall erupts in between the relationship but sexuality isn’t the main demands for the punk-rockers; it’s the feeling of being free and anger management anti-corrupts missions successfully, get done before dancing nuts like listening onto Sugarcoated, Idiopond, Mt. T, Possessions and For You showing the Ska-Punk displays as well over thus good vocals and local language lyrics.

Skate Fast Eat Ass: