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Boneus Eruptus (Independent 2017)

   Will not really looks interesting to see at first where The Budapest Smile Club by these Fresno, California comprising of Michael Flores (vocals/guitars), Ronnie Taylor (drums) and Kevin Kiyamoto (bass) as the Post-punk from Fresno, California as Alternatively Indie rocking like Weezer but they’re not actually.

   This band sounded awful to get your recognition to liking them as the crazy screaming vocals and the brown-autumn liked spontaneous acts of mad Grunge riffs and harmony vocals over the funny-silly sound-marks through Malachi Constant, The Wrong End of a Cigarette, Owl Song, Samsonite, Jebediah’s Silver Tongue, Wire Neck Tie, No Junk No Soul and Huitzilin planned as possible to not truly entertaining the audience but arrogant and annoying as they can be like laughing stocks of missing people’s on a bucket-lists. 

The Budapest Smile Club: