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Bloaji Badejo (K-RAA-K 2016)

Both came from a very different background of nation-wider and races and cultures but as theirs had the amusing long historic tales to tell and learn; these duo of independent idealistic artists decided to uniting the popular powers among them and one shall witnessing how Francesco Cavaliere and Leile Hassan making the foggy odd dubs but authentic as lights and sounds manage to get its dilemma solved and turning thus indifference onto a single products of Italy/Egypt works or arts in a Berlin/Belgium measuring album and songs of experimental Electronic, Dub, Indie-Pop and Auto New Wave within the promising second recording release by Sea Urchin through Yaqaza. 

More and more titles and words that would making you raising eyebrows because you didn’t understand the meaning but the songs did their acceptances from some curious listeners as spoken melody or rhythmic trophy of standard machinery popper music and live instruments filling thus reliable world musical tracks like Ethiopian Steps, Child Warrior Demons Follow, Yohoforo Felmaya or Nur meaning complex and also specific within the story about east African tales, blood diamonds, enlightenments or the devil in disguises among the modern society kept making mess and seducing them to do sinful things and the simplicity of lives according from the other culture views reveals within the album spawning in a beatable mystical way. 

One eyed truth denies and then, accepted after quite some times of experimental changes of human-minds experience.