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Blameless Witch (Exile On Mainstream 2018)

   Blasted tunes noisy as fucks would definitely, dealing you to the face of madness experiments of Progressive Extreme Doom Metal project with a little bit taste over Bluesy Punk and Heavy Rock playing to Roadburn festival with their fascinating mutated strung-out splendid dirge riff-age, mould intense listening and pessimistic grim yet unique and darky Doomed delights from the performance metallic minds of Harry Armstrong (fingers/throat) and Kieran Murphy (hands and feet) DIY requiem loud hitting influences taken from the inspiration of either Motorhead, Zeppelin or Sabbath distorted infectious spirits lyrics and cheap drinks offering of England, UK as Noisepicker sets out on this recording entitled – Peace Off, just for you – the loyal audience of Heavy Metal prog-marking. Harmonic and melodious threats approved within I Hear You Talking and It Sounds Like Bullshit To Me, This is How The World Will End, So You’re Sick?, O What Mercy Sorrow brings and He Knew It Would All End in Tears – beneficially, exceeded the listeners to the favorable vocals-like Chris Cornell and spectacular dynamics format tunes releasing here by the duo.

Damn awesome ! 

Peace Off: