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Black Earth (InVogue Records 2013)

   Comprising for the five-piece unit with vocalist Rory Rodriguez, drummer Mike Karle, guitarists Shawn Yates and Gino Sgambelluri and bassist Ramone Valerio the burning forest affiliated noticing issues around the places for California or their own city of San Francisco leads the penetrations off thus Metal-Core bursts explosion to be not neglected easily after one use to open fire and play them – known as the (not so) infamous yet crew of Dayseeker by the releasing on this debut wisdom title of an album called – What It Means To Be Defeated as the screaming vocals or the fucking hardened drumming fell quite right as rising out the alarms over mankind towards the global warming effects affecting the rest of our daily lives these years already.

   Fucking stompers and lots of mayhem techniques delivers in a good moments as Post-Hardcore meets its way storming on the themes track-lists like Collision Survive, Incinerate, Hollow Shell, Dead man to Resurrect and The Home We Built ended as it begins in quite metallic sounds to The Quiet Disconnect which portraying how communication in the family died as the technology taking over the over-timing dinner table for gadgets and tablets. 

Horrible facts to see, doesn’t it ? 

What It Means To Be Defeated: