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Bitmplette (Danger/Le Turc Mecanique 2016)


   As angrier as the name they took to baptized the band’s name saying that Mary Bell – not this riotgrrrl group but the real child whom killed and hurting some people she dislikes in her times; like those two (not) so innocent boys with a razor sharp or ripping scissors as aiming the legacy of the fulfilling story covering her footprints in short history tales as legacy and so did these fanatic angst influenced by The Ramones or The Go-Go’s but within thus feminist’s raw vocals and brutal riffs from having a bleeding P.M.S in that fuzz-Hardcore to Post Punk merger with Grunge spirits over the dissonance and probably, these ordinary rockers from Paris having the same anger to hurting people they didn’t like as the front cover in dark magic over thus shorter duration of songs protesting the inner and also outer world from their Mary Bell LP outta France territory into this rioting music performance to shake the society down. 

Three piece of babes and one guy – all looks weirder to the conservatives roaring hard and fast via The Plague, Sink/Sigh/Drown, Trash Tongue, Empty Puppet and Waste or Shit on The Parkway – felt like your not turning back to Gilman Street no more. You’re as marvelous as the East Bay scene gritty and chock fully on moxie fists discovering happiness through hatred anthems versus the world. 

Mary Bell LP: