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Bialozar (Argonauta Records 2017)

   Coming down to the solar system of the younger primitive worlds right from the depth of unspeakable universe and dimension behind the speechless unlimited light-years away as the asteroid rider – the hooded mage putting his spells spreading like Relic towards the way but then, some ancient humans and society will knowing this as Forming The Void isn’t like your biblical of god’s creation days a gift. The heavy Progressive Stoner and Hard Rock compositions breeding somewhere around Louisiana and Las Vegas by the distance giving birth to the seeds of supernatural powers to James Marshall (guitars/vocals), Shadi Omar Al-Khansa (guitars), Luke Baker (bass) and Thomas Colley (drums) injecting their dosage on dominant Doomy Stoner and wider Pyreship splitting riffs slower and dangerous – one would carefully, not to play the album in the middle of the imperfect unholy hours of the demon possessing trinity.

   Like the mysterious force Psychedelic beaming the surrounding grooves within the best clean vocals and eastern-witchery mystical tunes for eight tracks about misfortunes and disaster caused by yourself since the beginning of thus so called original sins; The Endless Road, Plumes, Unto The Smoke or After Earth lurking the ledge sided where you slips and fell into the unknown realm – leaving no trace as pathetic mortal beings.