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Beauty Of Queen (Hollywood Waste 2012)

Personally you might welcoming these gorgeous handsome blood-sucking crew of Los Angeles proclaiming and proud to be a non-born but loyal metallic heads liking much for The Lost Boys and the methods and life influences about Vampires Everywhere! as Aaron martin, Alexander Hernandez, David Darko and Michael Orlando with Charles Phillip Anthony surely, becoming your sweetest nightmare not just for interviewing but got bitten twice and more but never turning you shy because nobody mess and needs to be equal while the bloodsuckers are all over you on the loose.

Power solos and gruesome shoots and shitting blasphemous tricks on Heavy Metal mixed with Emo-Screamo and Metalcore as being baptized by the unborn and the virgin bleeding ritual sessions made the recording number two from them – Hellbound and Heartless seems to be a good wasting out of the sewer drops of Motley Crue meets W.A.S.P spawning more bastard children sleazing or slashing your sense of hearing via II: The Inferno, Star of 666, Kiss of Death, Unholy Eyes onto Plastic and Social Suicide to Anti-Hate as well as their cover version honoring the day of Kurt Cobain as a rock messenger through Rape Me and there’s nothing good for tracing them after feeding party done over a young hot cheerleader or a local model or even a police-woman and soon the globe shall watching more killing and murders influenced also by Marilyn Manson’s deeds as the thirst has taking over the youth energy by possessive. 

Hellbound & Heartless: