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Beaches Screaming (Virgin/Geffen 1986)

   This eighties group playing their best distinctive old-stuff music sounds like that is still the eighties era for the nex generations who wants to learn more about Pop-Rock, Progressive Rock and Art-Rock blending not bending machine – here it goes as listening to Bob Dalton, John Beck, John Mitchell and Lee Pomeroy of It Bites releasing their first recording debut which closer to happier version of Genesis or the spirits of many of your great grandpas painters in the world for an outdoor classic moments in making priceless spontaneous painting in The Big Lad in The Windmill confusing some eyes for the visual conspiring measurement like one having another series of mandela’s effect one time but cannot denies it well as the beats and keyboards led focus harmonies onto the mighty high-techniques solo glaring higher – crowning this as one of the best lesser-known recording you ever discovered. Rocking rhythms and chords long jams mixed there through I Got You Eating Out of My Hand, Whole New World, Turn Me loose, Wanna Shout and Cold Tired and  Hungry shall directing your newer perspective for seeing the world from this progression binocular glass watching the visionary artists paints his own dimension dreams.

The Big Lad in The Windmill: