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Baxter Hazel Two (Chillhop Records 2017)

   If you becoming a little bit famous on social media interests as soundcloud, facebook, youtube or even twitter and spotify but nobody ever hearing your name before that must be the itches that makes Brock Berrigan as the beat-makers or multi-instrumentalist off New York choose to changes his profiling character onto a rooster-creature whom aren’t kinds of the best dad around but the smoking man-chicken leads the materials working neaty over thus Chill-Pop meets Hip-Hop beats meet Rap Old-School Classic samples and experiments through Point Pleasant’s period for solitude, dedication, exploring sounds to debauchery as enjoyable jazzy and audible intoxication progress brought by this record as the godfather of all rooster family sits there and performing the finest classy tunes via Fax Machine, Angel’s Landing, Split Decision, The Look, Joy She Brings onto So In love as romantically as mentioned a so called a chilling beats landmarked not many miles from the big apple down-central neighborhood.

Point Pleasant: