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Barbaric Americana (Frontier Records 2003)

We Got The Neutron Bomb – Weird World Volume Two 1977-1989 must be the Garage Punk Rock prototype recording compilations for the marking historic for this American band of independent background from the early eighties era as one of thus prelude wave for the second Punk Rock explosions the USA way scenery over Los Angeles with singer John Denney, bassist Dave Trout, guitarist Cliff Roman and drummer Nickey “Beat” Alexander baptizing themselves as the fucker of Rock n’ Roll rebels with Country-Rock affiliations for being known as The Weirdos. 

Smiling not as the closing Cold War era hideous deeds are divided people and countries into rivals – Punk Rock trying to stay neutral and foremost; giving kinds of solution for simplified the thick hatred and suspicious among the Americans whom thought that punk rockers as communist affiliated crew of the youth brigades but from here and there – we all know that sing along for rock shows won’t turning you onto a blinded blunder of socialist without good sense of reasoning the values on what to avoid and fight and what should kept and preserved as humanity trademarks just like The Weirdos cranking their semi-legendary songs like Cyclops Helicopter, Shining Silver Light, The Hideout, Jungle Rock, Skateboards to Hell, It Means Nothing or Fat Back might affecting your music favorite then as Garage Rock strikes again for the new "yabba-dabba-doo" generations !